Client Reviews

Elizabeth helped me organize my home office. I own my own business and my office was a complete disaster. Elizabeth talked with me about my needs and organizing style, and together we came up with a system that worked for me. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease with her friendly and calm demeanor.
— Maggie K.
Knowing how attached people can be to their stuff is one of the things that makes Elizabeth such a gem. She had an organization plan that highlighted all of my little things I love most and made way to utilize and/or display them. In the end, I was very satisfied and felt that I could let go more easily to the items I wasn’t as in love with. Elizabeth helped me to get done in one day what would have taken me weeks, if not months on my own to accomplish. I will definitely be using her services again.
— Jennifer A.
Wow, Elizabeth gets right to work! She’s very decisive, while still listening and personalizing the whole experience. I left her to deal with my craft room while I ran errands and met a friend for lunch. I couldn’t get over how much she got done in such a short amount of time. She’s like a whirlwind, but in the best possible way!
— Diane T.